ADAP for Advanced U6-U8 Players Born in 2015, 2016, 2017

FC Dulles will be conducting evaluations for the 2022-2023 ADAP program for advanced U6-U8 players (boys and girls) born in 2015-2017 starting in June. 

Pre-registration is required to attend the evaluation sessions. Once registered the player will be added to Team Snap for schedule and cancelation updates. We can only send cancelation updates and invites to players who are registered.



Tryout Fee Policy

**Tryout Fee Policy: Effective 2/1/2022. Because of past experiences and to avoid confusion for our prospective members committed to FC Dulles and to help efficiently manage administrative time, a $25 fee will be assessed when registering for all travel team tryouts and ADAP evaluations. Should the player successfully make and join either the travel team or ADAP program the $25 fee will be applied to that player's tuition for the season they are trying out for or being evaluated for. Should the player attend and not make the travel team or ADAP program, the $25 fee will be credited to the player's account to use in any future FC Dulles program. The $25 credit is non transferable.