Girls Travel Week 2, 9/19/16: Victoria Partin- CSC Inter 00

Victoria's intensity and leadership at practice and games is admirable. As a defensive midfielder-her natural position- this week she won the ball back many times and led the team in productive counter attacks that resulted in both goals of the CSC International's 2-2 draw.

Boys Travel Week 2, 919/16: Nolan Langford- CSC United 03

Nolan Langford plays for CSC United 03. His focus, leadership and enthusiasm in practices and games were key to the team this weekend and helped them come from behind for a 3 - 2 win.

Girls Rec. Week 2, 9/19/16: Eleanora Quezada, Micro Academy

dEleanora "Nora" Quezada is passionate about soccer. As a member of CSC's Micro Academy Nora is always one of the first players at the field ready to play and have fun. She loves to run up and down the field dribbling the ball and passing to teammates. 

Boys Rec. Week 2, 9/19/16: Karim Alkassem- CSC Micro Academy

Karim Alkassem is 5 years old and is a member of CSC's Micro Academy. Karim loves the game of soccer and he has a tremendous passion score goals. He always gives his best effort and listens carefully to the coaches.