Recreation: Boys & Girls U4-U6

Boys & Girls U4-U6The Fireballs- Active Start, energy to learn. Player Development Components (listed by priority): Fitness, Technical, Psychological, and Tactical. There are no goalkeepers for these age groups. Empasis is on developing active movement skills like running, jumping, landing, catching, kicking, and throwing. Fun games involving small numbers will be played leading up to a final activity of 3v3. It is important that each child has a ball and to focus on fun games. The benefit of the increased number of touches on the ball in small-sided games is irreplaceable. Development goals for U4-U6: Learn the difference between attacking and defending and prepare players for the next level.

Age appropriate USSF licensed coaches run the Jamboree session in coordination with CSC's Club TD, Coach Marcelo.

Player Registration Fee (Spring 2016): $105

What's Included:

  • Saturday Rec. Jamboree (Game)- 8 weeks*;
  • Free-play 1x/wk for U6 players- 8 weeks*;
  • Club Dues;
  • Age-appropriate licensed Coaches;
  • CSC Practice T-shirt for U6 players (New players only).
  • Ball

​Not Included:

  • Uniform $30 (for new players only or those needing a new uniform. Players who played in the Fall 2015 season do not need to purchase a uniform or practice t-shirt);
  • FFX County Field User Fees: $5.50 (in-county); $30 (out-of-county).

Season Start Dates and Schedule:

  • Rec. Jamboree (game): Start Date- 4/9; Schedule: Saturdays, 2:00-2:45 PM @ Poplar Tree 2.
  • Free Play (For U6 only): Start Date- 4/8; Schedule: Fridays, 5:30-6:30 PM @ Fred Crabree Park #3

​​​To register for CSC's Spring 2016 Rec. programs: Click Here.

Registration Help Guide (.pdf): Click Here

​*Weather Permitting