Mission Statement

The Mission of the Chantilly Soccer Club is to promote, develop, and administer, the game of soccer in all aspects among players of the club. The organization has an open participation policy that encourages the development of youth players in the game of soccer in Northern Virginia. The goals of the club in support of this mission are to:

  • Afford youth soccer players the opportunity to participate in team competition at a level of skill consistent with their potential;
  • Provide an environment in which the players will attain the highest level of soccer performance of which they are capable;
  • Furnish the teams and players with the best coaching, equipment, facilities, and education possible;
  • Provide coordinated and comprehensive administrative and logistical support to the teams;
  • Emphasize constructively to youth, and demonstrate by example of the participating youth and adults, the ideals of good sportsmanship and fair play, dignity, and courtesy even under adverse conditions, honesty and loyalty, courage and perseverance, and good fellowship.
  • Create success by teaching excellence.