Interested In Coaching Youth Soccer?

As soccer continues to grow exponentially in the United States the need for quality coaches continues to be in high demand. Opportunities abound for coaches who love the game of soccer and enjoy working with kids. For some the the pathway to coaching youth soccer can lead to a career in coaching at the club, high school, college, or even professional level. A vast majority, though, are coaches who are parents- who desire to learn about the game, how to teach the game, and spend quality time with their children. 

Where to start:

The United States Soccer Federation oversees coaching education across the country. Coaches enter a licensing and certificate process that starts at the introductory level and progresses to the highest levels of professional coaching. Introductory and intermediate instructional courses are administered by the state associations. 

The Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA) administers coaching education in Virginia.

Licenses and certificates are awarded to candidates who complete and pass requisite courses: 

  • State or national D level license;
  • State E level license;
  • F.U.N Course (introductory coaching course): U6-U8 Module; U8-U10 Module. More info: Click Here

The National F Course can now be taken online: More Info: Click Here

Content of the licensing and certificate courses is designed as a progression through to the next level. Once candidates successfully complete the state level courses, coaches are eligible to move on to the upper levels of coaching education administered at the nation level.


VYSA program information and course schedule: Click here

US Soccer Coaching Education: Click here