The FC Dulles Way and Core Programs

Our curriculum is closely aligned with the US Youth Soccer Player Development Model and recently issued 2017 US Soccer Player Development Initiatives. Our Club Technical Director, J. Marcelo Gangotena, deploys our curriculum across all age groups and multiple programs from travel soccer to recreational soccer to support our style of play and player development philosophy.

Style of Play:

"Building Possession style of play": This refers to keeping possession of the ball for the purpose of finding and exploiting opportunities to move forward, whenever possible, by using the flanks or a penetration pass. Teams are coached and encouraged to build attacks from the back, utilizing the goalkeeper and defenders to cycle the ball and build the attack to find space on the field where their team has numerical superiority.


Possession to penetrate. If there is no chance to penetrate and score, players with teammates will keep the ball in a smooth and clever way by circulating the ball to create opportunities to penetrate using the flanks.


When losing the ball, players will have a quick transition mentality to pressure and win back possession of the ball by placing the opponent on a predictable game and force their game to the pressing zones.

What does the FC Dulles Way mean?

  • Club-centric philosophy with a unique style and system of play supported by our curriculum, programs, and player development philosophy in a highly professionalized, well-organized learning environment;
  • Developing a love & passion for the game of soccer;
  • A curriculum-based approach to individual player development;
  • Cultivating a growth mindset mentality to learning and improving for players and coaches;
  • Building character simultaneously with soccer skills: emphasizing the will to succeed, the ability to handle adversity, the desire to improve;
  • A pathway for every level of player;
  • Helping parents to understand the complexities of youth soccer player development by providing resources to make the best decisions for their soccer playing children. 
  • Providing coaching education for prospective coaches;

Core Programs:

Academy Travel Program: focuses on developing the advanced soccer player in a demanding, competitive environment. Players and families entering the FCD Academy Travel Program must be 100% committed. Players must be 100% committed to improving themselves as soccer players and as individuals. Our coaches in our Academy travel program are experienced in developing highly skilled players to play in our style and system of play. The goals of our Academy travel program are to develop our advanced players: 1)to instill a love of the game; 2)instill a growth mindset mentality to improve and reach the next level. The FCD Academy program utilizes paid coaches under the direction of Club TD J. Marcelo Gangotena and re-sets teams each year after tryouts in the spring season.

ADAP 7U-8U: Starting with the Fall 2018 season the Advance Development Academy Program focuses on building individual technical skills including passing & receiving, 1v1 moves, shooting & finishing, speed, agility, & coordination through age-appropriate small-sided games in a fun, learning environment. The objective of the ADAP is to prepare players for the next level: Our Academy Travel Program.
ADAP is for the advanced player seeking a higher level of training and competition more than rec. soccer can provide. An ADAP player loves the game of soccer and is passionate and committed to learning and improving to become a better player. Players are accepted to the program through evaluations in early-June for the following Fall/Spring season.
Recreational Program: grassroots program utilizes our recreational curriculum and focuses on fun and fitness for boys and girls ages 2-19. Our Eaglet Program for players 2-3 years old is an introductory program focused on teaching balance & coordination skills. Our 4U-6U grassroots program- Micro Academy- is an introduction to soccer and emphasizes fun through the development of basic movement skills- agility, balance, and coordination. The primary focus our Rec. Academy 1 for ages 7U-9U is to create a fun, safe environment, where players learn technical foot skills, enhanced movement skills, and basic priniciples of play in small-sided games. Our Saturday Jamboree provides competition for kids 4U-9U in a fun, low pressure environment with same times and locations most weeks. Our 10U-12U Rec. Academy 2 is a continuation of our grassroots academy program and introduces players to a team environment playing against other rec. clubs and teams in the Suburban Friendship League (SFL). Recreational 3 is for players ages 13U to 19U to play 11 v 11 in a social, team enviroment in the Suburban Friendship League.
Free Play is an integral part of our Curriculum. Small-sided games (usually 3 v 3 or 4 v 4) are organized and players play with minimal coaching instruction. One hour sessions are typically scheduled on Friday nights during the fall and spring seasons, and Sunday afternoons during the winter season when weather permits. Free Play is open to all players and players in the community who properly register. Please check the calander on our home page for upcoming scheduled sessions.  
Futsal:  Winter & Summer Our 4 v 4 indoor futsal league is played at Cassel's Sports Complex in Herndon. By playing on smaller courts the emphasis is on quick decision making under pressure, creativity in 1 v 1 situations, and clever ball movement with combination passing.- all important componenets supported in our curriculum. Players can sign up as individuals or as a team. The competiton is open to youth and adults (when courts are available for adults) of all skill levels in our community. 
Agility & Coordination Clinics & Summer Camps: FC Dulles Agility & Coordination, and
Summer Camps
provide an excellent opportunity for players to continue learning and improving during the summer months in a fun, social environment. FC Dulles Summer Camps and Agility & Coordination clinics are conducted in the morning hours between 9:00 AM-12noon to avoid the hottet part of the day. Camps are available for rec. & travel players ages 5-19 Agility & Coordination Clinics are availaible for U13 & older.